Shoelaces, shoe binding systems and shoe accessories in a large selection!

Shoelaces the nicest minor matter in shoes!

Shoelaces or Bootlaces are a nice and important minor matter. A beautiful and well-kept shoe with unsightly laces leaves a bad impression. A well-groomed appearance includes good and well-groomed shoes and, of course, neat laces. Here at you can buy shoelaces online.

If the shoes are new, then the laces are new and hardly anyone thinks about how the laces will look in a while. When buying the shoes, they are just there. But, over time, they wear out, become unsightly or even tear. Then getting the right laces in shape, color and quality is often not that easy.

Shoelaces do not only fulfill an optical effect, of course they are also a very important and practical part of the shoes. They hold the shoe on the foot and ensure a good hold of the shoes. And that in all situations. So also in the wet, heat or heavy loads, for example when hiking in the mountains or during sports.

From old to new - old shoes with new laces again trendy!

Good and new laces revalue some old shoes and make them useful again. The different types of laces or shoe binding systems is now unmanageable. Therefore, we have set ourselves the widest possible range in different colors and shapes - but always in the best quality - to offer in our online store. In addition to classic laces, you will also find fashionable, or extra thick laces and laces made of different materials and shapes and colors. You can also search for sizes of our laces and find suitable ones in our shop.

Modern shoe binding systems

In addition to the normal laces, there are also more modern shoe binding systems, such as the HICKIES or Shoe Lock Laces - these are binding systems that you once put into the shoe and then never have to tie them again. You can quickly get in and out of the shoe without having to open the binding system. This is especially beneficial for people with disabilities. But even athletes who run triathlon, for example, that's a very important thing. Because they have to quickly slip in and out of the shoes inbetween the disciplines. You can buy the HICKIES in different colors and sizes. HICKIES Kids are made especially for children. Order HICKIES Kids now in our shop today.

Many accessories

In addition to shoelaces, we also offer various accessories and care products for shoes in our online shop. Whether the insoles are for better walking or shoe trees, shoe creams or shoehorns. You can browse through our shop, order and buy online, we deliver quickly and easily from Switzerland to Switzerland. From an order value of 50 CHF we deliver for free. All goods shown in the shop are in stock and ready to ship. We offer top quality at a fair price! Order your shoelaces now!


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