Shoe Trees - Nico Classic Flex Universal - Size: EU 46-48
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Pair Shoe Trees - Nico Classic Flex Universal - Size: EU 46-48

Product description

Shaped elegance from natural beech or aromatic cedar wood. With a fixed heel, the last fills the shoe perfectly, absorbs moisture from the leather into the wood and dries the footwear quickly and reliably.


  • Apply shoes (still warm to the feet) directly after wearing for at least 24 hours. (Pay attention to right/left) - Insert front blade into shoe and press down slightly
  • Place the ball in the heel cap with your thumb - Remove in reverse order
  • Also ideally suited as a handle for shoeshine


  • Air circulation through ventilation slots
  • Universal last and therefore suitable for different pairs of shoes
  • Like all shoe trees, this universal genius also fulfils the following main functions
  • Smoothing the wrinkles after wearing
  • Excess moisture is removed from the leather


Product features



EU 46 EU 48 

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